Wayne and Colleen Charlton


Hi John- Wayne and I just wanted you to know how well our Mollie is doing. We got her on July 5th. 2011 after losing our sweet Charlie who passed 3 weeks earlier. Mollie is such a joy. We laugh so very much with her-She loves the water sprinkler and jumping in the bathtub when I am in it . she loves her brother Buddy’ – he is a big maine coon cat and Mollie is so small next to him. Mollie weighs 8 lbs. Wayne always says – where did this wee dolly come from as she is so kind and sweet. Wayne actually sits and cries sometimes- he says what did we do to deserve such a sweet girl. She must give me my hug every morning regardless of the coffee I am holding. Mollie sleeps on our pillows going from waynes to mine all night. and as you can see she loves nap time too. Mollie trained so well. I never had a trouble with her- she is so smart and very obediant- we have relatives who go to obediance training and we just look at them as Mollie listens so well. Thankyou so much for knowing that she was going to be a great fit for me. With my disabilities I was worried about a new pup but Mollie adapted so well to me and asks for nothing. The whole neighbourhood loves her. So once again thanks for the joy of her. Wayne and Colleen Charlton