Jully Black, Singer, ET Host – Morkie Puppy, Toronto, Ontario


Hey John,

Long time! Hope you’re well!

If somebody would have told me I would have found the perfect puppy for sale online, I would tell them they were lying. It was about 2 years ago I took to the internet to find another puppy to add to our family, and by chance ran into john’s ad for 2 beautiful morkie puppies. I didn’t intend to buy a female but when Co-Co ran out I instantly fell in love. I actually wanted to buy both puppies, but it wasn’t realistic.

First of all, the service was amazing and the puppies were so happy in their environment, I almost didn’t want to take her.

I’ve had no problems with Co-Co to date and she is the healthiest, most loving animal i’ve ever encountered. I believe it starts with the dog breeder.

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