Loucas, Roberta, LJ and Lexi


Hi John!

Our little Lexi is fitting into the family very well! She had a great ride home and was welcomed by the entire family right away. She is just so adorable and already knows who her Mama is 🙂 She had a wonderful first night without a whimper, and sleeps very well all night! She is eating well and on the first day was already accustomed to her pee pee pad. She has only had one accident but she is picking up quickly! Our little LJ is loving his new puppy and all he wants to do is follow and hug her. She met her vet on Thursday and he said she is doing great! We are so happy to have found Minipups and are so excited to have little Lexi in our family! We will send pics in a little bit! Thanks again John 🙂

Loucas, Roberta, LJ and LexiLexi Pic