Tiny toy Maltese puppy


Hi John!

Hope all is well! It seems like it was yesterday that we called you looking for a tiny toy Maltese puppy. We have both always grown with a desire to have dog of our own. Since we first came to see you in October 2010, we could tell that you were the person we would be buying a dog from. You were very knowledgeable and helpful in the whole process and always answered the millions of questions we had! After deciding we were not ready just yet to go after our longtime desire, we told you that you would be hearing from us again because we were both determined to buy our little puppy. No sooner did a year later come and we found ourselves taking a drive up to Georgetown to buy a puppy you had just brought home! There, we had 4 options: all white, small and adorable male maltese puppies of which we were so overwhelmed to see! But, within that bunch was our little Dexter. The exact vision and idea we had in our mind about what our puppy would be like is exactly what Dexter is today. He is doing so extremely well! He weighs 5 pounds, it’s very lean and has grown to be quite tall. He is so playful and has the most amazing personality. He is most of all the smartest pup! At four months he has potty trained himself, and knows how to come, sit, stay, leave it, go to your bed, high five, paw, roll over and more! John, we could not be happier with the way you took care of us and this little bundle of cuteness we have in our lives today! Thank you 🙂