Hi John!, Hope all is well with you. I was just giving you an update on Bella. She’s doing great! Healthy, happy and loving. Bella has finally completed all her shots as of May 23rd and sometime this or next month i’m having her fixed. Attached are some pictures for you to see 🙂 Sincerely, […]

Jacqueline, Jacob and Rob

Hey John, Marlowe is doing great… she started sleeping through the night since i last checked in with you. Can’t believe it’s been a week since we’ve brought her home – we love her 🙂 Tomorrow we will start to put out her food for 1 hr in the morning and evening. We gave her […]

Aisha, Toronto, Ontario

Aisha, Toronto, Ontario Dear John, First off i just wanted to say thank you so much and it was a pleasure dealing with you. I’ve been searching for the “right” puppy for nearly 6 months as this was my first time owning a dog. I was doing a lot of research and i just wasn’t […]

Nancy & Bill Campbell

Dear John and Mom: My husband Bill and I visited your home on a whim one Friday morning in April, to see some Morkie pups. Little did we know that on that fateful afternoon we would fall in love with your 3 month old – last of the litter – Malshi. He stayed on our […]


Hey John, for your piece of mind, and your mom’s, little sebastian (hopefully that name will stick) slept like an angel and was very playful in the morning; as if he lived here all his life. His personality is really coming out. He is a little Warrior, and I’m wondering if his real name is […]

Nicole Fu

Hi John, The Morkie pup I bought from you we named Leo. He is with me for a week so far. He is doing great at house training and is very playful. I Love him so much! He is very cute and is very well behaved. I will keep in touch with you and send […]

Georgia Jubilee (3.2 lbs Teacup Morkie)

Hey John, Isn’t Georgia Jubliee adorable! When we brought her home she cried for the first night, after that she slept on my chest and slept the whole night! It only took us less than 2 weeks to train her on the pad / outside the condo. She has a great appetite, not picky and […]

Alanah-Jade XO

Hey John! Riley and I just wanted to say hello and show you how big she has gotten. She has made the biggest and best impact on my life and I cannot thank you enough for that! Your helpful knowledge on breeds and the best suitable one for me was the most helpful! Thanks again […]

Loucas, Roberta, LJ and Lexi

Hi John! Our little Lexi is fitting into the family very well! She had a great ride home and was welcomed by the entire family right away. She is just so adorable and already knows who her Mama is 🙂 She had a wonderful first night without a whimper, and sleeps very well all night! […]